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"Doing this workshop with Emily helped me to let go of preciously held and limiting ideas about art and art practices.


I was able to fully immerse myself in the process of creating and it was such

a joyful experience."

Susan Perreault


North Carolina​

What EXPERIENCE will you receive from a Studio Gnome Creative Play Workshop?

1). A 90-minute, in-person workshop (great for local community settings, or company professional development experiences!) You may also catch one of our monthly online workshops (join our newsletter), or book a private class with your friends or family!

2). Brief introductions of participants and class rhythm.

3). A relaxing, nurturing, and playfully creative experience to expand your artistic practice.

4). Intention-setting within a mindfulness exercise to relax the over-thinking, logical mind.

5). A creative play exercise led by Emily, followed by a 30min "going inward" creative challenge.