Remote Play Class Questions

1. When are the remote Play Classes and how long are they?

You will fill out a Google Form from a link received upon your donation where you'll select the best days and times during July and early August of 2021. The classes are 90 minutes each! 

2. When will I receive my 'thank you' incentives from my donation?

July 2021!

3. What are the limited edition art prints and when were they created?

The limited edition art prints were created by Emily during 2020 and 2021, and they are printed for this campaign only! They come in 2 different sizes: 

8" x 10", and 18" x 24".

4. What kind of art can I request for a custom original art piece? 

Emily is an avid painter in both representational and abstracted compositions. She will work with your original art order from thematic concept, to size specifications, color pallet and art materials! 


5. Will I need to prepare anything before a remote creative play class?

There will be little preparation before a class, however you will receive an email from Emily that lists suggestions on how to make the best out of your creative play class experience!

6. How much does a regular class cost after the fundraiser?

On-going Creative Play group classes will be $50/90minutes after the fundraising campaign. 

7. May I sign up a small group of friends or family? 

Yes! You may select the 'private' class option and pick a date that best works for a small group of up to 6 people to best experience this creative play class together in the level of depth needed.


8. May I sign up my company, department, or organization? 

Yes! This is greatly advised for bringing levity and joy back into the connections of those who work closely together on a day to day basis. Creative play classes are perfect for exercises of team building, creative problem solving and intimate reflection and feedback of one another's self expression. 

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This is exciting. Welcome to Studio Gnome!

Our campaign video from the successful  INDIEGOGO fundraiser May-June 2021!

Studio Gnome aims to rekindle everyday practices of ‘creative play’ for adults through safe, 90-minute class experiences online that caters to all types of people who are looking to continue to expand upon their free-form creativity. 

What EXPERIENCE will you receive from a "Creative Play Class"?

A small online class setting with up to 6 other like-minded adults where you will share:

1). Brief introductions in an established space of shared values.

2). A relaxing, nurturing, and playfully creative experience to expand your artistic practice.

3). Intention-setting within a mindfulness exercise to relax the over-thinking, logical mind.

4). A creative play exercise led by Emily, followed by a 30min "going inward" creative challenge.

5). Group dialog between participants in their shared discoveries, reflection, self expression

and final produced creations.

How? A creative practice easily applied to our everyday lives to relieve stress, clear mental blocks, and even make mundane experiences magical.


Where? Through Studio Gnome's summer pilot program that consists of 90-minute online classes on a Zoom video platform, carefully facilitated by play coach, Emily Hall. 

Together, in supporting the healing powers of creative play,

we may collectively begin to plant seeds of JOY back into the common places that we share as fellow humans.