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Welcome! All art classes provided by Emily Hall are conducted either on-site at your home or in a shared community space. Otherwise, we can also meet in a public place such as parks, cafes, or even for a stroll around town... art inspiration is everywhere!


Unless noted in certain specialized classes, the sharing of teacher-provided art materials is included in the immediate prices listed (such as a drawing pencil and eraser, a 4-page investigative sketchbook, crayons, viewfinder, compositional window stencils, colored pencils, scissors, stapler, glue, fabric, buttons, string, ink, watercolors, and paint brushes).


Choose from a selection of art techniques, materials, and styles of art listed below underneath the following pricing section. 



  • Private & Semi-Private Art Lessons: $50/hr

    • Savings on a Longer Lesson Time: Book a 2-hour session at $90 (save $10).

    • Lower Rates: $40/hr without any teacher supplies provided, (please share your supply list before the lesson.)

    • Package rates: Purchase 3 lessons ahead of time and get the 4th lesson free!

  • Groups of 3-10 & Homeschool: Starting at $30/hr per person

    • Savings on a Longer Lesson Time: Book a 2-hour session at $50 per person (save $10).

    • Lower Rates: $20/hr without any teacher supplies provided, (please share your supply list before the lesson.)

    • Package rates: Purchase 3 group lessons with the same participants and everyone gets the 4th lesson free!

  • Travel Expenses include $.50/mile at 10+ miles

  • Add-ons per class/session package (for 3-4 classes) - unless provided by student!

    • Small-Medium Watercolor Paper: $3-10

    • Large Format Watercolor Paper: $5-10 

    • Oil and Chalk Pastels: $5 

    • Puppetry materials: $5

    • Felting materials: $5-25​ 

    • Acrylic paints: $5-25 

    • Higher grade watercolor paints: $5-10

    • Canvas or boards: $5-20

Art Education Services

Hire Emily to teach any of the classes below as an investigative 1-2 hour class, or a multi-week deep dive series. Stay tuned for more classes to  be posted in May!


Artist Mentorship

For the beginner, or experienced artist, who would like to enhance their practice! 

Emily's experience as an art teacher and mentor for creative interns at her various places of employment in the design industry has provided her with the skills and knowledge to gently guide students to discover their innate creative desires.

Hire her to either teach you various skills and techniques in art and design that you are looking to enhance or to just simply hold you accountable in order to meet your goal-oriented deadlines.

This is a great opportunity for support in active critique for constructive growth.


*NO extra material cost


Impressionistic Painting

Learn advanced techniques on how to explore the artistic style of Impressionism through methods of mark-making and layering color.


Capture the feeling of outdoor spaces by practicing how "to see" changes in the light surrounding us, from flora and fauna to the wide open sky. We will explore with chalk pastels, and depending on student interest, watercolor and/or acrylic paint. 

*Extra material cost options:

  • Small-Medium Watercolor Paper: $3-5

  • Chalk Pastels: $5 

  • Watercolor paints: $5-10

  • Canvas or boards: $5-20

  • Acrylic paints: $5-20


Sock Puppets and Improv

Join us where puppets and improv create a comfortable, safe space to express our playful selves through conversation and easy know-how of basic puppeteering. 

This can be taken in one 2-hour class session to create either a paper puppet or a sock puppet, as well as an expanded 4-5 week workshop to create many different types of puppets!

All participants will leave with a refreshing sense of inspiration within the possibilities of self-expression, as well as a paper puppet, and the knowledge to make more at home!

*Extra material cost options:

  • Puppet Materials: $5

20201231_1442162_3 (1)_edited.jpg

Foundations Drawing

We will explore the basics of 'seeing' and connecting to our surroundings by investigating objects and landscapes through the elements and principles of art and design. Emphasis is placed on exploring the individual's expressive line work, attention to texture, and value for shading.

Clients who purchase a series of lessons in advance will create a sketchbook of their work, and learn how to create dynamic visual studies for more interesting drawing investigations. 

Includes the use of paper, a drawing pencil, a viewfinder tool, ink, and paint brushes.*


*NO extra material cost


Imaginative Creature Drawing and Painting

Do you see creatures or other images in your everyday surroundings and wish that you could bring them more to life!? 

Great for all ages! Includes practices of art critique to hone the observation skills for envisioning and focus. This can be taken as a one-class session or expanded into a 4-5 week workshop to enhance creative practice and a well-crafted final work of art.

We will explore abstract expressionism paired with intentional drawing methods in order to create the qualities of believable eyes and features of an imaginary creature.

*Extra material cost options:

  • Small-Medium Watercolor Paper: $3-5

  • Large Format Watercolor Paper: $5-10


Table Top Puppetry and Felt

Enjoy a short story through small-scale puppetry in a one-class session that ends with an imaginative art-making prompt for participants that creates small oil pastel drawings with watercolor washes. These individual sessions are great for young to middle age childhood.


For teens and adults, book a 4-5 week workshop and learn how to felt and create your own small-scale story. Expand your imagination to make yourself a multi-media set design that includes found objects from nature or repurposed objects! 

*Extra material cost options:

  • Shared Felt and Supplies $5

  • Felting kit: $25 (for multi-week workshop)

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