Emily Anne Hall:  Artist, art educator, & founder of Studio Gnome LLC

Emily of Studio Gnome focuses on fostering the innate desire of a human's yearning to experience the joy of creation. It is through the arts that she has rediscovered herself. Powerful manifestations of her work are available for sale, as well as a limited number of prints for specific pieces of art.

With over 20 years of art and design work across teaching and learning experiences in multiple contexts, Emily has observed fundamental desires of human creativity that are rooted in the practices of a more playful reality. These experiences are restorative in that they allow each individual to relax into the moment, and feel safer to connect closer to their inner self in more peaceful moments of self discovery. 

Emily's small online business also advocates for practices of Creative Play in Adult lives; for all levels of self transformation! Check out the online classes link to learn more about the success of our summer 2021 pilot program, including heartfelt testimonials! Contact us if you would like to learn more about our private and group classes. Let's unite in a collective, creative force of expansion!


Emily Anne Hall ~ Artist, art educator, & founder of Studio Gnome LLC

A.A.Lentz: Head projectionist, spreadsheet savant, & visual artist at Studio Gnome

A classically trained projectionist with interests in epistemology and historiography, A. A. Lentz appreciates art that probes liminal spaces of culture, economics, and society— and how the techniques and facets of visual communication uniquely investigate these subjects. From the rhythmically geometric line work in his paintings to the found objects in his ephemeral character sculptures, Lentz acknowledges the topical expression of intuitive art that allows for free-flowing narrative to bridge into the subconscious.


A.A.Lentz ~ Head projectionist, spreadsheet savant, & visual artist at Studio Gnome

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