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Zen Contemplations

Pen on sketchpad paper, 3x4"

Flow with Nature

watercolor and gesso on paper

Favorite Chair

ink and acrylic on canvas

Dog vs Mantis

acrylic on wood

Underwater Rhythms

oil on canvas; 2’2” x 3’

The Spirit Knows

watercolor on paper, 2018

Bird Land

mixed media, ink and watercolor on paper

Stargazer Forever

typewriter, watercolor, and ink on paper, 5.5 x 3.75”

Rhythmic Flower

oil pastel on paper

Fog Floater

mixed media and acrylic on board

Forrest Floor

acrylic on canvas

Freedom Flight

oil on canvas; 2’6”x 3’3”

Earth Home

watercolor on paper, 2018

Nursery Rhymes

oil paint on board, 12 x 12"

Ebb and Flow

oil pastels on paper


watercolor and ink on paper

Seek to Find

oil paint on board

3 Siblings

typewriter lettering, ink, and watercolor on paper

Lean on Me

oil pastel on matte board

The Spirit Isn't Blind

charcoal on paper, 2011

Flying Friends

acrylic and ink


acrylic on wood block


oil pastel and ink on paper


acrylic, ink, and mixed media on board


mixed media, ink and acrylic on masonite

Hodge Podge

acrylic on canvas

Birds Persist

mixed media, ink and acrylic on paper

Gnome Painter

acrylic on paper

Birds on the Vine

acrylic on cardboard

Under the Sea Stories (detail)

mixed media, ink and acrylic on paper


watercolor on paper, 2018

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