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5-Minute Mindfulness Drawing Meditation

Updated: Apr 4, 2021

"Draw the breath" with Cynthia from Mindful Creative Muse through a creative meditation exercise that will allow a natural relaxation aligning your body and mind.

Check out the short video above to seek Cynthia's wisdom that links the art of drawing a line to the natural in-and-out rhythm of your breath. Watch your own hand effortlessly reveal the shape and pattern changes that 'come to life' in drawing beautiful formations.

Tip: Use this practice before working on a creative project, or just to relax and recenter!

Discover similar exercises by selecting the keyword tags above, ex. 'mindfulness', while continuing to practice creative skills in the elements and principles of art and design!

- 1 drawing tool (pencil, pen, marker)

- 1 drawing surface: a piece of paper (from notebook or a recycled piece of scrap paper!)

Written Steps: Set aside at least 5-15 minutes of time to create.

  1. Collect a drawing tool

  2. Collect a drawing surface

  3. Find a space to create without major distractions (those who need your attention).

  4. Begin to 'tune into your breath' by focusing inward for 1 minute.

  5. Notice the 'rhythmic' pattern, the flow of your inhale into your exhale.

  6. When you are ready, place your drawing tool on your paper surface.

  7. Draw upwards at a steady and relaxed pace on your inhale breath.

  8. As you reach the top of your inhale, begin to turn in the opposite direction.

  9. As you exhale draw downwards.

  10. Repeat this process and notice how your lines may change with your breath.

Reflection Questions

How do you feel after experiencing this simple drawing exercise?

Would you engage in it again? Would you share it with other people?

How could you apply the 'drawing your breath' practice to a larger work of art?


Check out the video below of Studio Gnome art educator, Emily Hall, with her friend, Leo the Lion, as they explore 'drawing the breath' together!

(video here!!!)

WHY Practice Mindful Art-making?

Creators of all art processes and design trades in history have, and continue to, struggle with similar challenges, one of which is delaying TO BEGIN THE CREATIVE PROCESS!

Creatives avoid this 'starting place' for so many reasons, whether we fear failure, or that we believe that we are not prepared to begin creating until we plan more, think it over, restructure our ideas, etc.

Finally, we may even unintentionally discover reasons to avoid the creation process all together (Time to do the laundry? Eat a snack? Check email or social media? Look for more inspiration?) This cycle may even become so habitual that it can suck us into a deprecating hole! However, there are ideas and historical accounts of creative geniuses who appear to intentionally procrastinate in a manner as part of their process!

What's a faithful solution for artist's block? Mindful creative practices, such as the suggested 'drawing the breath' in this blog post, help ease stress and habits of over thinking. Additionally, mindful practices that provide natural opportunities of organic embodied rhythms provide a calm state of mind to help lead the individual into what positive creative and play psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi has termed flow: "the creative moment when a person is completely involved in an activity for its own sake."

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