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2016-2019 PPDC in Richmond, VA

Art by Peter Paul Development Center students grades 2-8.

Peter Paul Development Center initially hired me in 2016 as an elementary after school teacher to grades three and four teaching arts-integrated lessons. I worked full-time for PPDC during the summer of 2017 as an art and literacy teacher for grades 2-12. Before the 2018 school year, I proposed a full-on arts program to serve all four of PPDC’s after school locations that I designed and pitched for grades 2-5, which I scheduled and coordinated with all classroom teachers. The art program focused on mindfulness of self-expression and creative exploration.

The art that we explored ranged from abstract expressionism to creating characters and story scenarios from James and the Giant Peach. We explored texture through ink paintings with locally made black walnut ink, and created imaginative pumpkins with the help of observational practices. We made art that expressed inspiration, positivity, and love through repurposing accessible materials such as cardboard. Much of our art making investigated practices of mindfulness and reflecting on self transformation through creating.

Project Gallery

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