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2019-2020 School Year in Wilton, NH

Art by Wilton Lyndeborough Cooperative Middle High School students grades 6-12.

I am responsible for writing and teaching an engaging art curriculum to grades 6-12, including high school 2D Art, 3D Art, and Communication Arts (Digital Media). Since I began in the fall 2019 semester, I have organized and installed three separate month-long student art exhibits in downtown Wilton as well as three different holiday student art markets each year in the school library. I involved the digital art students in creating the visual marketing promos for these events. I also made a virtual art show enjoyed by the town of Wilton, NH, during spring 2020 when we were all still remote as a school.

Our school has a student leadership team that began in fall 2019. Four staff members and I have been the dedicated few to work with our student leaders bi-weekly to monthly to improve school climate and culture through student-led initiatives. One of the goals is school beautification through school murals. I have worked with the students to create a survey to gain a broader school perspective on the interests of mural themes, aesthetics, and messaging. Earlier this year, I linked up with New England College staff to invite some college students to help with this project from April to May for their student teaching placement requirements.

In February 2022, I received recognition at the school board meeting for my work with high school art students and our collaboration with the town of Wilton. This project has included a guest visit from the stormwater management department and a walk downtown to learn how stormwater runoff affects the local river ecosystems. Students were able to investigate how to bring awareness to storm drain pollution through mural art designed with images of local wildlife and catchy slogans to get people to stop and think about stormwater protection. The students applied this research to create storm drain mural sketches that will be exhibited in the Wilton town library throughout April before the final selections are painted downtown on Earth Day.

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